Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sneak Preview of Miss Brooke ~ oil

[Click on image to see detail.]

I had a good painting session this morning at the studio. I am working to finish a couple of commissions but I also needed a painting to post on my daily painters' sites. The fastest and most sure result would be to paint something I know well, so with the studio dog at my feet, I retrieved my old red hat from the hat stand and proceeded to paint "Our Miss Brooke" in oils on 8"x10" canvas.

The image you see here is a sneak preview of only a portion of the painting. I've tried to blow it up large enough to show detail. The paint is still wet so there are some shiny spots on this image, but use your imagination and know that the canvas is fully covered with paint.

The full image will be posted here tomorrow.  [Hint: you may be able to see the full painting at today. If not, then browse through the other paintings by lots of different artists while you're there. I'm proud to report that Art Helping Animals artists have collectively donated over $50,000 to animal rescue charities over the past two and a half years ... through the sale of one painting at a time.

Studio Dog