Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Muse in a Box

We were supposed to have a tropical storm Monday and Tuesday, but all we got was a slow rain, and that was good. Tropical storms in southeast Texas have been known to do major damage, sometimes more than hurricanes, when they blow in and stall over the area; for instance Tropical Storm Allison in July 2001 stalled and flooded the Texas Medical Center causing electrical outtages and cancellations of treatments and medical testing. Just in case, I secured Texas Sauce Studio and brought a few paint tubes and canvases home with me to ride out the storm.

Having been out of town last week, I looked everywhere for the muse and finally found her. She was hiding in a box. She was out in a flash when the wooden cigar box was opened and paint was squeezed onto the small artist palette. With box open, paint on the palette, and canvas on the box lid, the muse was ready and raring to paint. Never mind the mess on the breakfast table. Food would wait.

"The days are long enough for those who use them." (Leonardo da Vinci)


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