Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Greens Straight Out of the Garden - 16x20 oil painting

I was going back through some old draft listings and found this one for a painting that never sold. I like this painting because it means something special to me, but this is the time of year when I clean out the studio inventory by offering sale prices on a few paintings. I am about to list this one at where you can use the coupon code SANTA50 for a 50% discount on all items through December 31, 2012. The 50% discount is off the original price. I do not inflate prices. This sale is a true SALE and the coupon code is my Christmas gift to you.

ART. Painted alla prima in the studio, this was a joy to paint. People say to me "turnip greens?" and I answer Yes! Turnip greens remind me of my time growing up on the farm. Somewhere I have a photo of my mom and my toddler children gathering vegetables out of the garden. This one was painted pretty much straight out of my mind. So here you see my impression of Greens Straight out of the Garden. Click here to see enlarged detail images of the painting or to purchase! This is an oil painting on 16 x 20 inch canvas. Frame not included. Monitors vary in color matching. Typically I get a pretty good match, but this original painting has greener leaves than the image on my monitor.  #9025 Greens

LIFE (July 2009).  Daily I am reminded of how quickly life passes. It seems impossible that the years pass so quickly, but I am over the top of that steep hill I was climbing. As I look ahead towards the valley, I know that the farther I travel the faster I will move. Better do my best not to stumble but to make every step count.

The palette got cleaned off this afternoon, and as I began to set up for the next painting, I found no turp in the house ... so off I headed to Home Depot where I guessed I could find turp at a lower cost than Michael's Arts & Crafts. Sure enough, I got a large can for what I've been paying to get a small can at Michael's.  Home Depot carries small and large cans of turpentine, turpenoid and mineral spirits -- take your pick.  Got back to the house and then decided after lunch to take my walk at the Woodlands Mall where the air would be cooler for walking. That worked. Then it was home for a short nap and out for a dinner before getting back to the palette set up. Although it's nearly 1:00 a.m. in the morning, I managed to get the paint on the palette and the art/life on the blog for Monday morning.

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