Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas, Artists of Texas Exhibit, landscape painting in progress

ART.  As I have prepared for the Artists of Texas exhibit at Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, the days have passed quickly. I have been focused on my direction and goals.

I have no new paintings to show on the blog currently, but I am trying to finish one more landscape to send to Dutch Art Gallery. I will show you the start of this painting and hope it doesn't jinx the finish. I am hoping to complete this tonight so it has a few days to dry before the opening reception on Saturday, October 17.

This one is a 12x16 inch oil on linen. Did I ever say how I love painting on linen? I think I shall switch to all linen supports as soon as I use up the existing cotton canvas inventory.  When you click on this painting, you will see the very beginnings of my technique. Typically, with organic living subjects such as trees, animals or people, I just sketch with my brush straight onto a canvas until I think it looks right. Getting this manmade bridge structure wasn't so easy, and after several false starts I decided I would have to use a grid system to enlarge this bridge to exact proportions. Still I have only sketched in the outline. I'm actually wondering how I'm going to show the 'lacework' trusses in an impressionist style. We shall see how it goes.

LIFE. Border Collie Brooke has really had a heck of a summer. The fleas have nearly eaten her alive. This summer neither of the flea preventative meds worked on her. Someone told me about a new flea pill that is out now, so when we go to the vet this week I will ask about that. The poor little thing itches so much she chews holes in her tail and hip. I sprayed those spots with Lanacain and that seemed to help more than any of the 'hot spot' meds I'd bought at the pet store. Then I put her back on Benadryl twice daily, but when that tablet wears off, it's watch out! because she is chewing herself to pieces trying to scratch those itchy spots. It hardly does any good to rid the house and lawn of fleas, although I did, because anytime she's out on a walk or around other animals, she comes back scratching and biting again. I'm sure Brooke is ready for that first freeze.

Today's Blessing:  Clarity and Direction.

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