Friday, October 23, 2009

Purple House, Pet Fairs, Transitions, Bridges

ART.  I painted on the purple house canvas last night but didn't quite finish it. Today as I searched through iPhoto, I came across photos of my set up on the studio front porch. to the left you see the view of the purple house from the Texas Sauce front porch. Below you see the beginnings of the painting with the purple house in place on canvas but no foregound trees yet. I remember thinking about what trees to include and what to leave out of the painting. I'll study the ref photo before I go for the finish but think it will be over the weekend. There are several more reference photos, but I'm only showing these two.

I'm participating in a Pet Fair this Sunday afternoon:
October 25, 2 - 7 pm: Houston, Texas -- Pet Community Fall Family Affair at Grace United Methodist Church in the Heart of the Houston Heights. Learn more at about the event.  I will be there with samples of original pet portraits, my portfolio, available prints, notecards and more.  Come on out!

LIFE.  Nothing ever lasts forever. It seems that everything wears out or runs out or plays it's course over time. Beginnings always bring endings, and endings always bring new beginnings. I suppose a lot of people are learning that lesson in more ways than one with the economy being so crunched currently. Let's hope we all can hold a positive attitude and be fair and respectful. Life is too short to be otherwise.

Today's Blessing:  Transitions of one nature or another.  Transitions become bridges. That thought may lead me back to finish the bridge painting.

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