Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uplifting Spirits, Fleas and Bridge Paintings

Just when I'm thinking of slowing down on the blogging, I get an email from an old high school friend who writes, "I really can not begin to tell you how much your emails and uplifting spirits mean to me when you send them." Letters like that keep me blogging.  Although I never think of myself as having an uplifting spirit, thank you for those inspiring words.

ART.  Still I have not painted the bridge.  This morning I worked the day job, what I would call a full day's work in four hours time, then I ate a quick lunch, and now I am blogging and answering emails. Next I MUST paint. There is probably no chance in the world that this oil painting will dry before Saturday morning with all the humidity in the air, but I will not feel right until I finish that painting. Aside from that, I need more work to post on the Daily Painters Gallery site and need to find a good source for small painting panels.

LIFE.  Late yesterday afternoon I took Brooke to the vet for her three-year check up and rabies vaccine. Funny how things happen. I almost didn't take her yesterday, but good thing I did. She had a bad ear infection, so now she is on ear wash and antibiotic ear drops. She was given a steroid injection to stop her itchies and incessant biting and also to reduce the swelling and inflammation in her left ear. We got a new anti-flea pill (only on the market for about a year) that is supposed to work miracles. I gave her one today. Brooke has become my dog child.

Fleas and roaches together will inherit the earth while the rest of us fly around as angels.

Today's Blessing: Inspiration from friends.

Texas Sauce Studio

V. Bridges-Hoyt
"Painting the Sauce of Texas"
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  1. Hi Nita... your high school friend is sooo right! Don't stop. Even though it sometimes feels as though no-one's watching. They are. And it means a lot to someone somewhere. It's what keeps me going. Because people don't always say something when they should. But that's not to say they don't notice (and appreciate) Sorry I don't get here as often as I should but this year has been challenging for sure. Sometimes I read and don't speak... but I shall change that from here on in. Promise.

    Your blog is great. Your artwork is always exceptional. Keep up the great work!

  2. Oops... meant to also say that today is BLOG ACTION DAY 2009. You can register by googling the name and writing something (can be really small) about Climate Change. So far over 10,000 blogs from around the world have registered to participate. It's always fun. For some strange reason! LOL

  3. Jean is right, Nita. Sombody is always watching from afar.

  4. I am honored that you come from so far as Australia, Jean, to read my blog. Mollie is just around the corner, so to speak, as she is near Tyler, Texas, and I feel honored also that she is here frequently. You know how some days are. It's just that little bit of extra oomph! that makes a day special. Thanks to you both for your inspiration and encouragement.


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