Friday, November 13, 2009

Available through 2009! SMALL PAINTING GIFTS, Dalmatian Pointer 8105

ART.  vbh-8105  |  Dal Attention. 
4x6 inches.
Postcard painting with rounded corners can be mounted on mat board and framed to a larger size. Original painting. A portion of sale goes to help Dalmatian rescue.

I have been showing you the year-in-review postcard paintings that are available--33 different, original pieces in all. Each of the postcard paintings is a fast study in watercolor pencil and ink. I hope to take some of them, if not all of them, and paint larger finished canvases in oil in the year 2010 using the studies as reference. The studies are available for purchase through the end of December 2009. At that time, they will be taken off the market and will be reserved for my personal collection.

LIFE.  The hands on my clock move faster and faster with each week. This week seems to have only begun, and Friday is here already. For that matter, this year seems to have only begun. Yesterday it was January, and in only a few minutes  Christmas will be here followed by the year 2010.  The year 2010 is a year I never even fantasized about when I was a child. I could imagine myself reaching the year 2000 and would calculate how old I would be in that year, but I never visualized beyond the turn of the century. Now as I look back nine years, the turn of the century "me" is beginning to look young.

Today's Blessing: I have not painted much in the past three weeks, but today the muse is here. My hands are covered with pastel pigment as I am working on the underpainting of a commissioned oil. It feels good to be in the paints again. I am as spotted with paints as the Dalmatian is spotted with patches of fur.

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