Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Transitions. Commissions. SMALL ART GIFTS. The Mutterfly 8106. Texas artist V. Bridges-Hoyt..

ART.  vbh-8106  |  The Mutterfly, Beagle Pup. 
Postcard painting with rounded corners can be mounted on mat board and framed to 8x10 inches or larger. Original painting. 

LIFE.  In the past 12 months, I've noticed a trend to my paintings. More than not, that trend is "transitions" whether it be the beagle-butterfly "Mutterfly" mix you see here or the Dalephant (elephant with Dalmatian spots) or the Hobo Poodle running away from home. Some of my oil paintings were centered around bridges or abstract feelings or sunsets or passages of some kind. The theme was not intentional, but all the changes in my life of the past few years subconsciously interjected themselves into my paintings. I suppose I really do paint a collage of my life in Texas.

In my past four years of painting daily, I have learned to use November and December for reflection time rather than try to continue the frenzied pace of finishing a painting a day during the holiday season. I generally accept one or two commissions in November. Those spots have been taken, and I will be focusing on painting commissions this month. It's a perfect time for my year-in-review reflection.

Today's Blessing: The colors of Fall are upon us with variations of bright red, orange and yellow deciduous trees mixed in with the dark green of the Pine forests.

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