Monday, April 11, 2011

Dogwood, Faith and Worry

Keep your heart filled with faith. -Joyce Meyer
ART. After a three day visit with Dad, I am back in the studio. At 95 years, Dad is naturally slowing down a bit but overall is doing well. He is an amazing man, and I can honestly say that he has lived his passion by staying on the land where he was born and tending his cattle all these years.

This dogwood painting-in-progress (see image) is looking rather abstract. I plan to finish it as soon as possible, but today my studio priorities are to paint the boxer commission and to ship the Galveston seascape and two eBay auctions that sold. 
LIFE. Another priority is to draw the elevations and roof design for a room addition to a house in central Texas. I received photos of the existing house yesterday. I love architectural design but I am unable to sit at the computer for long hours of drafting as it gives me such a back ache. I've learned to break the job into small parts and do a little at a time. I've been thinking of raising my computer desk to a standing height. Might be easier to do the CADD work that way. I've heard that Michael Dell stands to use his elevated computer.

I found Joyce Meyer on Twitter and followed her. I especially like the quote from her today, "Keep your heart filled with faith." Those are such simple words but not always such a simple thing to do. Life events can fill our hearts with worry, and a heart filled with worry can not be filled with faith. I am a worrier, and I frequently have to kick myself in the seat of the pants as a reminder that worry leaves no room for faith.

Nobody ever promised us a rose garden, at least not one without thorns that prick and draw blood from time to time. If you are facing life challenges, keep the faith that you will be able to get through the thorns and smell the roses once again.

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