Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creative Valentine Siamese Blue Rose

"Your creativity is an indicator of inner health and well being. Look after yourself." --April Jarocka. (1)

Hoyt Valentine Siamese Blue Rose
Mixed Media Original
Digital Collage and Colored Pencil
8x10 inches
Click on the Valentine image above to view detail and description. This Valentine and more are available at There is so much truth in April Jarocka's quoted statement above. I have always noticed that when I lose my way in the studio, I feel stilted, a bit lost, and out of balance mentally. I attributed the mood changes to lack of studio time. Maybe the loss of creativity is a direct result of not taking care of myself. Considering this, I'll approach my time in the studio from a different perspective and promise to take care of me, too.
"Like Dorothy washing the witch's kitchen floor, we can achieve our breakthroughs not by setting out to break through, but by doing the work that is right in front of us." --Bridges, William. The Way of Transition. (2)

a watercolor portrait in progress
Work continues on the watercolor portrait of Madison, and I hope to have a completed portrait to show you soon. Next will be the portrait of Christian ... and then others waiting. Sometimes work is easier when there is more of it.

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  1. April Jarocka
  2. William Bridges