Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Art Auctions at 50%+ Off Retail Price

I have a few 7-day art auctions listed on eBay that you might like to view. Currently, there are nine. As I go through my art inventory, I may add more. If you click on this link and bookmark it, you'll be able to see a thumbnail image of all my auctions on one page, then if you like a piece you click on the thumbnail to read more information or to BID. Start bids range from a PENNY up. Bidding on auctions is really a lot of fun and if you're smart about it, you can save a lot of money on an item. Art is such a luxury item for most people that AUCTIONS are a way to own a painting for much less than retail gallery price.  I hope you'll find something you want, save a few bucks, and have a little FUN with it!

My newest auction listing is for an original oil painting "The Jetty" with a low start bid. Remember, the auctions are up for only 7 days each with varying start dates and end dates. If you're not into bookmarking, you can always come back to my blog where I have posted a link to the auctions at the top of the blog center column.

Thanks for following my Texas Sauce Art Life.
V. Bridges Hoyt