Monday, April 2, 2012

Songbirds, Red Cardinal Small Oil Painting

This morning songbirds announce that springtime has come to Spring, Texas. This is the time of year I really enjoy being up early in the art studio; however, this spring I haven't been able to schedule any regular easel time. My muse had escaped, but I sense her return. When I hear the songbirds outside the studio window, I want to paint birds.

This is another painting I came across as I was cleaning the studio. I am torn between keeping this one or listing it at as this is one of my favorite paintings. This is one of those paintings you must see in person to appreciate the thick paint and the color. Painted with a palette knife and oil paint, this painting has much texture. The colors are pure and bright, again with my typical color palette. All my paintings relate to each other when several are  grouped together.

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V. Bridges Hoyt