Friday, January 3, 2014

Clown of the Dog World, the Boxer

Clown of the dog world … the Boxer … a work in progress … image 1

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The Boxer Clown, mixed media work-in-progress
watercolor, colored pencil and ink pen on paper, 6x6 inches
copyright Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2014
Sale proceeds from this painting will benefit Lone Star Boxer Rescue in Texas.

Clown of the dog world, the Boxer makes a friendly, loving pet … unless something goes terribly wrong. 

My dog is a boxer. Boxers are known as the happy, friendly, bouncy breed and make great pets unless all the circumstances go wrong as they did in a tragic situation last week in Arizona. A man was killed and his wife seriously injured as they tried to break up a fight involving their six dogs. Their cocker spaniel started a fight with the boxer. The other four dogs, including what is described as a "Shepherd
Mix" jumped into the fight. Although first reports called this tragic incident a "Fatal Boxer Attack," some people assumed the fatal attack was by a pit bull terrier. At this time, that detail is not known; however, the instinctive dog reaction to defend was reinforced by a pack of six dogs together and quickly became an unstoppable attack on Diane and Thomas Vick

My sincere sympathy is extended to Diane Vick for her injuries and in the loss of her husband Thomas Vick through this tragic dog attack. 

Boxers are typically friendly dogs and great pets, but they are very muscular, strong dogs and if out of control, they or any dog can do serious damage to a person. We don't know all the details yet, but ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT DOGS (and cats) ARE NOT HUMAN. When animals (even domestic pets) feel threatened, they react out of instinct to protect themselves no matter if the perceived threat comes from a stranger or an owner. 

Every day I see pictures on Facebook of babies laying next to or propped up against dogs. People, please wake up and use caution around your pets. Don't put your babies or children in the midst of an accident waiting to happen. Protect your children. Love your dogs, enjoy them, be kind to them, but remember they are animals and can do much harm in an instant if they suddenly feel threatened. You don't need to fear your pets, but use caution. Always. Think about what you are doing before you do it. Think about how quickly an accident can happen. 

The following link (underlined) is one source on this tragedy. I await more accurate details to know what other breeds were involved and why six dogs? 

FATAL BOXER ATTACK | leightonblog  (click for updates)

Update: January 2, 2014
All FIVE surviving dogs to be euthanized.
It would appear there were six dogs involved in this tragedy, including what is described as a “Shepherd Mix”. We are being told that the survivor, Diane Vick, has instructed that ALL five remaining dogs be euthanized. The cocker spaniel died during or after the fight.
Thomas Vick, the husband fatally wounded, died of blood loss. There is also an unconfirmed report that it was NOT the boxer that caused the fatal wound.


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