Thursday, March 1, 2007

Back Door Architecture oil painting

The last few days have been filled with priorities other than painting. Although I have begun a new miniature, it is not yet completed, and I decided to post a painting out of my personal collection. This one was painted in Los Angeles, California, 1972 when I was signing under an earlier name.

On my first visit to California, I was young, shy, and without transportation during the day. As I gazed out the window, I spied a garage apartment across the courtyard. The stillness and quiet inspired me to break out my oil paints and capture the Los Angeles back door.

Leaving by the Back Door
original oil painting
11"x14" stretched canvas
artist's collection



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  1. Nita... I remember this one... and I do like it very much. It is reminiscent in style to Dean Mitchell's work. He's a definite favourite of mine... so this one goes right to the top of the class... (IMhumbleO) :-)

  2. Love this V1, keep forgetting that I am V2 . . . Ha! Also love your Dalmations.


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