Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work in Progress - Beagle oil painting

This morning I spent a few hours updating and simplifying the Texas Sauce Studio web site. Please check out some of the new paintings when you have some time. We are so blessed to have a few pieces from Art Helping Animals artists SM Violano, Sandra Merwin, Carol Chretien, Melinda Dalke. The sales (100%) from these beautiful works will be donated to True Blue Animal Rescue. Some of my pieces are in the special promotion also. If you might be interested in investing to help out a worthwhile charity (TBAR) and also have a collectible painting in your art collection, please check out the Gallery page and email for costs and purchase info. These giving artists have agreed to donate 100% of the sale to True Blue Animal Rescue. There will be no profit for the Studio on these fine artworks. All will be donated to TBAR.

In the meantime, I have several new works in progress, one of which is the Beagle you see below. I am showing you only the Beagle's head now, but the finished oil painting will feature more. It falls in the genre of "pet portrait." I hope to finish this one before the weekend.


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Today's Blessing: My association with Art Helping Animals has allowed me to meet and become friends with fine artists all around the USA.

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