Friday, May 22, 2009

"I'm Up a Tree!" baby raccoon wildlife, oil painting

This morning I finished painting the newborn raccoon that I met at Friends of Texas Wildlife in Magnolia, Texas. The wildlife rescue organization rehabs orphaned wildlife to be released into the wild again when old enough.  

A portion of your purchase will benefit

A while back this little raccoon kit was found crawling alone on a concrete driveway ... and hungry. Unfortunately, one only realizes the teeny size of these babies when seeing them face to face. This wee one fits in a woman's hand with head poked between two fingers and foot extended at about the heel of the palm. Hold up your hand and think about how very small this wee critter really is. The tree in my painting is a small sapling of a tree but without the comparison of raccoon to human hand, it's difficult to grasp the baby's small size. And CUTE ... so cute!

Click on any image to see a larger detail.  The monitors never do the painting true justice, so if you are the lucky purchaser of this one, you will be absolutely pleased at the quality of this oil painting when you have it in your hands. 

Scroll back up for the easy PayPal button or email me for other arrangements.  I've included my email address and a link to Friends of Texas Wildlife at the bottom of this post. Check out their site, and if you can't purchase my painting but want to make a small donation, you'll find a PayPal Donation button on their web site.

The next image shows a view of the tree wrapping around the right side of the canvas.

Below you see an image showing the left side of the canvas and how I've painted to continue the tree limbs around the canvas edge.  

This is a 1.5" deep gallery-wrap canvas and can be set on a table or shelf or hung without a frame.


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