Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creative Time

My creativity levels have always been higher in the early mornings. When the world is quiet and not yet awake, early mornings have been my best painting time, my best writing time, and my best thinking time. Now I find a WSJ article to support the practice. Read the article here. The only activity interfering with my morning creative time is a walk with Thor boy. The walk is also good for me. I need to adjust my schedule to an earlier bedtime and earlier rising to allow for an hour of creative time before the walk.
[Work-in-Progress • Miss Bailey Boxer]
watercolor 10x8 inches

At any given time, I have two paintings concurrently in process in the studio—an oil painting and one other which could be watercolor, pastel or colored pencil. This morning current projects are the deer fawn oil painting posted a day or two ago and a watercolor portrait of Miss Bailey Boxer [above image]. Bailey is a part of the Pay It Forward program I committed to last year. Unfortunately, Bailey recently crossed over the rainbow bridge. The painting in progress seems to reflect her crossing.

The deer fawn is being painted for an auction fundraiser to benefit Texas wildlife. I wanted to confirm some details and was pleasantly surprised to see my pastel drawing come up on a Google image search for Texas whitetail deer fawn. Click to enlarge and see lower left in image below. This is the piece that is available in my Etsy shop.

Paintings available to help homeless dog rescue:
  1. Lady in Black Pearls
  2. Enchanted Evening

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V. Bridges Hoyt